Intersecting digital health and consumer technology.

Who we are

The scion of two industry powerhouses, Digital Health Innovation Lab combines the best of medical research and consumer technology to forge a new model for digital health testing and innovation.

Applying real science to real-world solutions.

What we do

Our validation cycle


We help you ask the right
questions, then design a clinically rigorous study to answer them.


We verify the approach and
protocol to ensure the study best meets your needs.


We recruit the participants,
then collect and perform an
analysis of the data.


We present our findings,
publish the results, and offer our scientific insights.


Informed Health 2016

January 14, 2016, San Francisco

From meeting the challenges of data interoperability and point of care decision-making, to managing patient privacy and regulatory requirements, join us for galvanizing conversations, insightful discussions at the Informed Health 2016 Conference.

Health 2.0 WinterTech

January 13, 2016, San Francisco

After a sold out inaugural 2015 event, Health 2.0 WinterTech is back and bringing together the top tech companies, investors, entrepreneurs, policy makers, and more to discuss investing in the health tech landscape.